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How do I get an Activation Code?

If you've recently signed up for Online Banking, or ordered an additional code or Activation Code, the Activation Code is expected to arrive in the post within 10 working days. If you're getting your Activation Code has not arrived you can order an additional one on the internet.

The Activation Code that is mailed to you will look like this:

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To purchase an New Activation Code,

Log in to Online Banking.

If you are required to input your Activation Code, choose "Activation Code not received".

On the next screen, you can go to the next screen, and then click "Order an additional Activation Code".

Enter your postal code, and then select "Submit".

Your Activation Code will be mailed to you within 10 days.

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How do I make my account active?

To activate your account, you'll need the Activation Code that was sent to you via mail.

Log in to Online Banking.

You will be asked to enter the seven numbers Activation Code.

Enter your code, then click "Submit".

Your account will then have access to all the features offered by Online Banking. Once your account is activated, you don't need to enter an Activation Code.

Important: Make sure to complete your Activation Code before it expires by checking the "Valid until" date that you'll get after you have received the gift card. In the event that expiration time has been passed, you'll have to purchase a new Activation Code before you can activate your account.

What's the reason why I should be able to activate my account?

If you sign up for the login online and sign in, you can benefit from these other online services.

Personal Clients

Be sure to start your savings or chequing account

Purchase a new Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC)

You may request a loan or a Line of Credit

Make purchases using third credit cards issued by third

Pay other people RBC Royal Bank clients

Change your address

Place an order for Cheques

You can transact and access both your personal and business accounts with only one online session

Review the accounts of the other financial institutions

Business Clients

Purchases can be made using third-party credit cards.

Pay other people RBC Royal Bank clients

Change your address

Place an order for Cheques

Transfer funds and access funds between business and personal accounts in one single online session

File government remittances

What's the reason why I need to have the Activation Code?

Our goal is to protect the privacy of your information and protect it when your Online Banking activities. RBC Royal Bank requires that each of its Online Banking clients enter an Activation Code before being allowed full access to all the features provided through Online Banking. This adds another layer of protection for your financial personal or business data and records. Because it is a direct mailer, this Activation Code is directly mailed to you at your address, can rest at ease knowing that your personal as well as business-related financials will be secure.


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