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Companies that have blue-to- JetBlue may consider getting an Barclays JetBlue Business Card. It comes with a substantial reward of 6 points per every dollar spent . JetBlue buys two points per dollar at office and cafes, and 1 point per dollar spent on other purchases.

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For the annually-billed fee of $99 pays, you'll be able to get the first bag checked for free and three additional passengers in the same JetBlue reservation. It also offers an annual 5,000-point bonus each time you renew your account in addition to the removal of foreign transaction fees.

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A different advantage to this credit card the possibility of earning JetBlue Mosaic elite status for one whole year after having made purchases of $50,000. In normal situations, customers have to earn 15,000 points through flights, or travel for 30 segments, and receiving 12,000 points for flights to be eligible for elite status. The advantages of Mosaic include extra points for flights, priority boarding, with no fees for changes or cancellations in addition to an initial and second checked bag free , as well as complimentary beverages during flights. Make sure to know that this card comes with the benefit of a first-check bag and the fact that JetBlue provides no fees for changes or cancellations for all ticket classes , with Blue Basic being the only exception. Blue Basic.

They're great benefits to anyone who uses JetBlue regularly throughout the year. But, for those who's travel destinations are subject to change or wish to earn travel reward points that they can make use of whenever they wish small business credit card that provides flexible travel rewards or cash back, provides more flexibility than a cobranded card for example, like the Barclays JetBlue Business Card.

At a Glance

Earn 60,000 bonus points after spending $1000 within the first 90 days. You can also receive 10,000 bonus points when the purchase is made using an employee credit card.

Get 5,000 bonus points every year, at the time of the card's anniversary

The first checked bag is free for your three friends who follow the same itinerary.

You can earn Mosaic Elite status after spending $50k over the calendar year.

Get 50% off purchases during flights by JetBlue

Receive a credit of $100 to your account to purchase JetBlue Vacations Packages worth $100 or more.

No foreign transaction fees

Make use of points by pooling points to join points pooling with family members at free


Earning Rewards

It is a JetBlue Business Card earns at the following rates:

Earn 6 points for each cent you spend on JetBlue purchases. Earn 2 points for every $1 spent in restaurants or Office supply stores. Earn 1 point per dollar spent on other purchases

Every year, on the anniversary of your card and on the anniversary of your card, you'll be awarded five thousand bonus points. JetBlue Points are worth about 1.6 cents each, based upon our research, meaning that each year's bonus that's 5,000 points, is about $80. The cost for the year is $99.

JetBlue has an alliance with a variety of airlines, which allows passengers to earn TrueBlue points on specific flights. If you travel on these carriers, you'll get exactly the same amount of bags because JetBlue also. JetBlue handles baggage transfer for checked bags in the background , because it's an integral part of the itinerary associated with JetBlue. The companies that are partners include:

Aer Lingus

American Airlines

Cape Air


Hawaiian Airlines




Qatar Airways


Silver Airways

South African Airways

All flights JetBlue's partners can book through JetBlue's partner airlines are booked through, by calling 1-800-JETBLUE, or through the websites of partner airlines , or through third-party booking websites.

Redeeming Rewards

JetBlue's TrueBlue points will never be lost. In the event that you choose to shut down the account, all points earned during the statement cycle may disappear. If you shut down your JetBlue TrueBlue, any points you've not used will be lost. Maintenance of the TrueBlue account is free This means that you don't have to fret about keeping your points after you shut down your account.

The JetBlue flight schedule doesn't have any blackout days for JetBlue flights. However, if seats are available for a flight you can buy your ticket using points. Points prices are compared with the cash cost, and so you'll be charged more on flights that are booked during peak demand times. If there's a space available , you can buy it with points.

In JetBlue's alliances it is part of with Hawaiian Airlines as well as American Airlines, you can redeem TrueBlue points to purchase flights with Hawaiian through calling JetBlue reservations. This alliance American Airlines which is under development permits TrueBlue miles to be used to buy a variety of American flights in the opposite direction. also true. Additionally the status of elite status on one airline can be recognised in the event that the airline to whom you have an affiliation is recognized by another. Prices for awards are determined by the origin and destination and depend on the availability.

To determine the likelihood of rewards on the JetBlue Business card we have to look at the bonus categories and figure out how much an average American household will spend on these categories. Forbes Advisor uses data from different government agencies to calculate the basic incomes and the average spending across various categories. 75% of families who make a living earn at least $100,172 annually so we calculate our expenditure on that number. Forbes Advisor bases business expenses on the freelancer or sole proprietor.

Forbes Advisor estimates that our sample cardholder will pay $1,755 on travel, resulting of 10,530 TrueBlue points (assuming that the booking for flights is made via JetBlue). Earning 2 TrueBlue points for each dollar spent in offices and eateries could result in 11.012 JetBlue points. When $19,149 represents the overall amount that is able to be spent with a credit card the cardholder will earn 19149 more TrueBlue points each year. This amounts to 40,691 TrueBlue points plus the welcome offer.

Other Card Benefits

Perk for Checked Bag: The first booked bag that is checked out will be free to the cardholder and three additional companions are allowed.

Annual Bonus Get 5 000 bonus points each year when you renew your credit card.

Discounts on Purchases in-Flight 50% discount on your purchases in-flight, including drinks and food.

Earn Mosaic Status you have to spend at least $50k on purchases each calendar year, and obtain the most prestigious Mosaic status.

Annual statement credit: Take an annual statement credit: Take a JetBlue trip of at minimum $100, and you will receive 100 credit for your bill.

This Blackout Calendar is not black You can redeem your rewards anytime.

The Join Points can be pooled with your spouse and at least five of your children.


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